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Alert - The game next Wednesday(5/31)
will be at St. James at 11:15am
Synagogue is unavailable for the Jewish holiday(Shavuot)

The club is open for its normal schedule
Monday thru Saturday this week(5/22 thru 5/27)
and next week(5/29 thru 6/3) including Memorial Day

The following week(6/5 thru 6/10) the club will be at
different venues(the church is unavailable) on these days
Monday - Temple Beth Ami 11:15
Thursday and Friday - St. Marks Presbyterian Church at 11:15
Saturday at St. Marks at 11:00am (NOTE EARLY START TIME)
10701 Old Georgetown Rd, Rockville, MD 20852

The following week(6/12 thru 6/17) we are back at the normal times and locations
This week is STAC WEEK(all Silver Points - $11)

Sixteen Basic Rules of Etiquette

Bridge etiquette discussion by Ron Kral
President of the Northern Virginia Bridge Association
and Local bridge teacher in Northern Virginia
( or (703) 731 7909)

>>>Tuesday is Wine and Cheese night<<<
and an Charity Game (Only $9)
Game will be worth probably 2mp
Avg mp holding each week is normally below 500mp

If you would like to play Tuesday evening
and need a partner please let me know

Kevin O'brien is now directing Monday and Wednesday
Robert Freed is directing Thursday and Friday

If you want to get on(or off) the mailing list please let me know

All games(except STACS,and Sectionals, and a few special events)
will use hands from The Common Game
All results will still be displayed on this website as before.
In addition, you can go to the common game site
and see a written discussion of many hands.
You may also get a text message with a link when the
results are posted.

If you are having a problem with my normal email

We now have an extended recap on the results page for all games
which shows the hand records followed by all of the contracts and results for each pair.

Upcoming Special Events
Every Tuesday Evening is an extra point Game $9
Saturday June 3rd - World Wide Bridge Contest $13
Monday June 12th thru Saturday June 17th STAC Week
Silver Points $11

Upcoming Scheduled Venue Changes
(Monday 6/5 - Temple Beth Ami 11:15
Thursday(6/8) and Friday(6/9) St.Marks Presbyterian Church 11:15
Saturday(6/10) at St. Marks at 11:00am)

Upcoming Scheduled Closings

(Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years)

If anyone is interested in being a guaranteed partner
(this is you are available to fill in for a particular game if I need you) or a fill-in pair please call me the day of the game(301) 503 3348

The club is now using the Bridgemate Wireless Scoring System
click here to see new features

If you need a partner or available as a guaranteed partner
call me (301) 503 3348

Schedule  (View as a PDF)

Monday, Thursday and Friday(0-1000 and open stratified), 11:15 at St. James Episcopal Church (open stratified)
Saturday 1:00 PM 0-1000 and Open stratified at St. James Episcopal Church
Located at 11815 Seven Locks Rd in Potomac, MD between Post Oak and Gainsborough

Tuesday night (open Stratified) at 7:00PM at the Rockville Sr Center
1150 Carnation Drive, Rockville, MD

Wednesday Morning at 10:30
at Temple Beth Ami
14330 Travilah Rd
N. Potomac, MD

All hands pre-duplicated. Hand records for every game!

Club Locations

Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays

St James Episcopal Church
11815 Seven Locks Road
Potomac, MD

Rockville Senior Center
1150 Carnation Dr
Rockville, MD
Temple Beth Ami
14330 Travilah Rd
North Potomac, MD
Monday  at  11:15 AM
at St. James
Tuesday Eve  at  7:00 PM
at Rockville Sr Center
Wednesday at 10:30 AM
at Temple Beth Ami
Thursday at  11:15 AM
at St. James
Friday  at  11:15 AM
at St. James
Saturday  at  1:00PM
at St. James
Club Manager
Mark Lavine
Phone: 301-503-3348
Bridge Classes
Mark Lavine
Leslie Shafer
Ron Kral
Frank Shull (301) 365 7735
Playing Lessons
Bill Pettis (301) 448 5147
or (301) 681 4029
Eugene Kales (703) 920 5943
Leo LaSota (240) 353 7486
Hank Meyer (301) 474 6677
Silvia Shi 289 788 0385 email

Need a partner, call 301 503 3348 or email me(

Do Not Park in the 9 reserved spaces in front of the church office.

If you can't find a parking place in the front, park in the rear of the building. (drive around to the right). There is an entrance to the right of the Church school entrance. There is a flight of stairs to the playing area.

Google Map and Directions

Printed Directions distributed at the game


Overheard at the club, when one player was complaining to a friend about the verbal abuse from their partner. The friend responded "You must like it, you keep doing it"

"You should play bridge for fun. The instant you find yourself playing the game for any other reason,
you should pack it up and go on to something else."
Charles H. Goren, 1901 - 1991

Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid. - Albert Einstein

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