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Rockville Bridge Club
Bulletin Board
People Needing Rides
Club Manager
  Mark Lavine
  Phone: 301-503-3348


  St. James Episcopal Church
  11815 Seven Locks Road
  Potomac, MD
  Monday  at  11:15 AM
  Friday  at  11:15 AM
  Thursday  at  11:15 AM


  Rockville Senior Center
  1150 Carnation Dr
  Rockville, MD
  Tues. Eve  at  7:00 PM

The club will be open for all regularly scheduled games, Except for Tuesday Jan 1st.

No Game New Year's Day. There wasn't enough interest to justify a game.

Tuesday night games will resume at the senior center on Jan 8th

It's Official !!
Congratulations Dan and Juline (they did it again)

Dan and Juline won Monday Morning and Tuesday Night
Monday Morning Final Results
Tuesday Evening Final Results

Friday Morning Final Results

Congratulations also to the following pairs who were also in the overalls

  • Jim and Lucy Pestaner (9th overall in A - Monday)
  • Ruth Potter and Stever Robinson (11th overall in A - Monday)
  • Charles Stenger and Mary Lou Guandola (13th overall in A - Monday)
  • Ray and Sym Gallucci(1st overall in B - Tuesday)
  • Ron Allen and Walter Kerns(2nd overall in B - Tuesday)
  • Shawn Stringer and Brian Geer(4/5 overall in B - Tuesday)
  • Mark and Rochelle Cohen(5th overall in C - Tuesday)
  • Ruth Potter - Steve Robinson(4th overall - Friday)
  • Candy Kuschner - Marshall Kuschner(5th overall - Friday)
  • Do not enter the building until given permission by myself or the yoga instructor

    If you can't find a parking place in the front, park in the rear of the building. (drive around to the right). There is an entrance to the right of the Church school entrance. There is a flight of stairs to the playing area.

    Google Map and Directions

    Printed Directions distributed at the game


    Reservations will be held until 10 minutes before game time and then the entry will be made available. If you have a problem getting there 10 minutes early, email Mark Lavine and let me know and I will accomodate you.

    If you have a permanent reservation and don't show, and don't let me know, you won't have a permanent reservation any more.

    The Senior Center has asked that no food be eaten in the Board Room(next to the card room). Please eat in the hall or the card room.

    A new player needs a partner(see our bulletin board on the left)

    The senior center management has asked smokers at the game to stand away from the door because some of the smoke is coming back into the sr center. Also they urge anyone that is physically able to park away from the building to do so, so that people who are not able to walk the extra distance will have a space close to the building.

    Note that you can now make reservations up to 4 hours before game time. After that please call 301 503 3348 to make last minute reservations or cancellations.

    The entry fee is $5 per person, Sr. Center members will still get a $1 discount.

    Check back here soon for more details or
    call Mark Lavine at 301 251 1238

    Mark Lavine


    Web site provided by: Mark Lavine